Can I add comment to a zenphi task when responding through email?

I am using the Assign Task action to assign task to people to approve/reject a Google Doc.
I know, they can respond by clicking on the approve or reject button or by replying to the email.
The question is how can they add a comment to their response?

You can add a comment to a task outcome when responding to the task through email.

So when you reply to the email, you would right your desired outcome (ex. approve, reject, yet, no, etc.) in the email body. You need to put a full stop after the outcome then write your comment. For example:

Approve. Please send a copy back to me once this is signed.

So in the above example, Approve is the outcome. and "Please send a copy back to me once this is signed. " is the comment.

You can access the comment in the Flow using the Comment property of the Assign Task action

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