Google Drive "Save File" action

In the Google Drive “Save File” action, what information is expected in the “File” field?

Maybe more specifically, what information from the “Google Drive File Add” trigger should be supplied to that field?

Hi Jeremiah.

Could you let us know what you are trying to do?

I am attempting to move a Google drive file from one folder to another.

Okay are you using the copy item action?

I was hoping to use the “Save File” action.

That way we can preserve the entire document revision history.

What’s the overall process?

I have a switch statement branching from a Request Data form.

and the first action in the switch statement branch should be to save the file to the right folder.

Try payload

Which would save the file itself in the folder you decide

One more question.

Is the flow starting from a Form/ someone adding a file to google drive or gmail with an attachment?

that does not seemed to have worked properly “Error occured while executing step ‘Save File’. Additional details: Not a valid file value”.

the flow is starting from a file being added to a google drive folder

Let us know how you get on. Our team would be happy to jump on a call if you have any issues.

Is there another field you can suggest?

Trigger is fine.

Copy the file.

You can use a log to history

Log to history will show what data we are getting from the file.

We can then use this in the rest of the flow.

I don’t see any outputs from Log To History that I can use in the rest of the flow.

Run the flow again and see what shows up in your log to history

Its a great way to test the flow…

If you a file to a drive, log to history will show all characteristics of the file that you can use in the flow, file, id, owner, payload etc.

Also have look here:

In reference section there an overview on Google drive actions.

How can we see the information in the Log To History action?

Whats the end to end process?

Here is the beginning.

The only other Google Drive actions are in the early screenshot.

Everything else is sending emails, assigning tasks, requesting data, before getting to the switch to decide where to save the file to.

it will determine which folder the file will be saved to, it’s nested inside a switch statement