How do I list files?

Hi. When I call List Items, the function returns me only the files (not folders). How do I list files?

Hi Jeremiah.

I have passed on the comment to the team and they are checking.

As per the issue with the Task Attachment, they looked into the logs and mention that the issue is not with the Task Action. It seems you have a send email action afterwards which is failing.

Are you attaching the Task attachment to an email in a Send Email action?

Yes, when i reply with no attachment, it works well but when i attach a file, it fails.

Can you please make sure to use the payload property of the Attachments when attaching file to Send Email action.

You can use Project Collection action to extract Payload property.

And use the result of the Project Collection in the Attachments section of Send Email action.

Hope that helps. We will respond to you about the other issue as soon as the team is done with the investigation.