Neither the download link, nor the view link are populated in the email body

Hello, I’m trying to get a link to a Google document, generated thru zenphi, included in a email message. It seems that neither the download link, nor de view link are populated in the email body.

Hi, Jeremiah.

You need to select either the payload of link.

In email section under attachments.

Hi Jeremy, have selected the link in the download section, seems not to work, but will check it again.

If you Saved the document to drive in the previous step or Generated a pdf you should be able to access both in send email action.


When I enter in the email body text the “https://docs…” and directly after tat the, you get the link to view the document, see screenshots:



Hi Jeremiah, you need to use the view link property instead of the Id

The view link will have the full url so no need to prefix it with https//……

Now it indeed has. OK solved.