Which action creates a google form?

Hi there. Which action creates a google form that a user needs to fill out?

Hi Joshua

Yes Request data create a zenphi - “Google” form that captures the response and updates the data in the work flow.

You can use a normal Google form to capture initial data, and the request data form to update, typically at the approval or review stage. Let us know if you have any questions.

Form Builder

In the form builder, can I feed variables to multiple choice questions?

Yes… it should be an array of strings… matching the choice values

I’d like to offer to the user who fills out the form a choice of the next routing destination (=email address)

Say if you have a choices like “Black”, “Blue”, “Red”.

If you set a variable containing “Red”… then that checkbox should be checked.

if multiple then it needs to be an array with values like [“Red”, “Blue”].

Just cannot seem to find this within the form builder interface

There is an option to set default values

Click the three dots

The drop down

Ok let me play with it.

So, this is the form. It uses array that I get from google sheets.

… and this is the resulting form.

“Utitled title4” is just a debug feature.

What I really want is for the rows that show up in “untitled Title 4” to show up as option in the routing list.

Do you want to be able to dynamically create options based on the rows in sheets?

Yes exactly…

Oh got it.

As of now, the options need to be known at design time

and the default value is used to pre-select / set the options.

As for dynamically generating them… we have a feature in the backlog…

Where you can give an array of strings and be able to generate radio buttons, checkboxes and dropdown list

however its not yet available in the product